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Here’s a selection of my poems.  Enjoy ………………………

A Kiss on the Lips Whilst Loving

A kiss on the lips whilst loving

Brings with it a gut wrenching


For completion.

A kiss on the lips whilst loving

Brings with it a nerve jangling


To be made whole.

A kiss on the lips whilst loving

Is tender and soft and

Tolls on the bell

That hangs in the heart.

It is brutal and cruel,

 And yet awakens the soul,

to love life and death

And of a pulsing


To be one.

A kiss on the lips whilst loving

Is breathless

and saint-like

and holy as God’s breath

on a summer’s eve.

Let Me Be

Let me be a point, between two other points,

On the edge of the map of your world.

Let me be a dot on your horizon.

Let me rise like the sun in the dawn of your day

Let me… please ?

Let me be a space in your mind

In which you find peace and restoration.

Let me be a fire that keeps you warm,

Let me be an indistinct sound

That echoes teasingly and tugs

At a beautiful memory.

Let me be a footstool so that your feet are never weary.

Let me sing a lullaby to ease you into sleep.

Let me be the bird that eats the crumbs

That fall beneath the bird-table that you keep.

Let me be the full stop that gives you pause,

The comma that helps you breathe

A word that spins and spirals

In your mind and makes you tingle

 to the core of your being.

Let me be balm to your wounds

Let me be the calm to your storm.

Let me… Please?