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The Saxophone The Wind and the Leaves

I awoke and was aroused and my loins ached, hungrily.

The looming room was still and the fire was warm,

throwing dancing shadows in the golden light.

Blankets and pillows were strewn with you amongst them.

You gathered yourself to me, all fire kissed flesh and roundness

and kneeling; you pushed a pin, as if tucking a hem,

into the crown of my penis.

Then you lay back and opened yourself to me

your luscious beauty juicily revealed.

I knelt to caress you with a quivering touch.

But then, there was a pressing at the door and men,

with two wheeled trolleys crashed in

all clumsy blindness to what lay before them.

They blundered amongst the rows of saxophones,

clattering them bruisingly across the floor.

I turned away from them, from you,

removing the pin from my shrinking penis.

A chill wind scattered autumn leaves through

the open doorway to lie at my feet.

And through the window the snow began to fall.