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Last Night

Last night in your eyes there swam

An ocean depth of time.

Ceaseless currents and swirling eddies

Flickered beneath the surface

Countless millennia stirred and shimmered

In the half light - half dark of our love.

And a hawk like hunger was veiled in

The shadows, as passion stirred the whole.

The smoky limitless pools that

Are your eyes were smouldering,

Aching to be released,

 yet fearful of discovery, they danced.

I held you gazing in awe

At the beauty of your eyes

As the shifting light caught

Oh so briefly

Something so delicate

So precious

So rare.

Oh My Lover

Oh my lover

Oh my love.

Let us swim the tides together,

Let us plumb the depths of all we are,

Let us splash and frolic in the waves.

But no castles in the air.

No Fuck that !

Oh my lover

Oh my love.

Let us fly the skies unbounded,

Let us arch our backs against the breeze,

Let us crest the wind wave, hair out flowing.

Let us tip the treetops breathlessly


No dog in the manger shit from the past.

No Fuck that !

Oh my Lover

Oh my love.

Let us crash the boundaries ‘shuck and jive’

Let us drink from the lip of the cup that drips

With the honeyed dew of the manna from heaven.

Let us dance through the tiptoed night

 Let us sing to the highest heavens

And to the farthest reaches of hell

So that bells may ring.


No petty mealy mouthed mendacity.

No. No.

Fuck that !