John Oram

Chartered Electronics Engineer

48 years in recording and
electronic music design

TEC Award Winner
Technical Grammy® Nominee

TEC Hall of Fame Inductee

About Us

If you want a professional result in a studio, you first need the finest equipment in the best room acoustics and atmosphere.

You then need the engineers who understand that equipment, its installation and maintenance, and how to relate that technology to the musical genre and artistic interpretation.

Should there be a requirement that we cannot provide “in house”, then we know where to find the solution.   
Special equipment, engineering talent and musicians can all be supplied for your project.

Dave Cherry

Electronics Engineer
Technical Assistant to
John Oram for 26 years
Audio & Video Computer Wizz

Awards & Certificates

Ultimate nominations and awards for designs by “The Father of British EQ” and his Team, world recognised and               utilised at the Analogue Barn and Video Farm.

Why Us?

We want you to have the very best for your production.  Whether music or video recording, you deserve the very
          best results and our experience will ensure that is what you get.


We have the finest microphones, recording consoles and outboard equipment recording to 2, 16 & 24 track

analogue machines alongside multi-track digital programmes on ultra fast computers.  The finest tuning systems            for vocals and any other sources ensure YOU get the results the professionals use.  
          Our green screen room is perfect for still  and video shoots to make your visual product exceptional.  
          More than that and more importantly, we have the guys that know how all this fine gear should be used.

Stop by (appointment recommended) and see and hear the very best.  Read our testimonials here: